PUNCTUATE4 Productions is designed to educate, entertain, and promote the arts and culture in every form for all ages in Massachusetts and beyond. We stimulate, promote, and develop interest in the dramatic and literary arts; develop, produce and present theatrical and other dramatic and literary works in various forms and formats to the general public and audiences of all ages. 

With a commitment to excellence and a shared passion for collaboration,the team of four professional women behind the Black Box Lab at Stage 284 has come together to form a production company dedicated to developing new works, new ideas and new ways of telling stories. 

To punctuate is to give meaning and shape to a phrase, an idea, a design, a moment. 

Our Story

Our team of producers bring a great depth and breadth of experience with them to complement the skills and talents of our Artistic Director.  With decades of experience in theater and music, nationally as well as internationally, they combine this passion with graduate educational degrees, expertise in scenic design, costume design, branding, marketing, leadership development, educational consulting, fund raising, grant writing. They have held positions of leadership in higher education at prestigious New England colleges and educational associations, architectural firms. 

They have been, and are currently, business owners in the Greater Boston area, spanning the fields of media and journalism, personal development, restaurant ownership, design, and consulting, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, fundraising, graphic and interior design, budgeting,  and front of house management . On stage, in film, and behind the scenes, they represent a wide range of talent in acting, singing, costume and set design, marketing, producing, and casting.

Regionally and internationally, their work has spanned the globe, from Europe, to Canada, Great Britain to Thailand.  They have worked with the following arts and theater companies:

·      Stage284

·      Black Box Lab at Stage284

·      Footlight Players

·      Next Door Theater

·      Lyric Theater Company

·      Longwood Players

·      F.U.D.G.E. Theater Company

·      Arts After Hours

·      Wakefield Repertory Theater

·      Lexington Players

·      Zero Point Theater

·      Essex Players

·      Big Smile Entertainment

·      Above and Beyond Productions

·      Cantemus

·      Hamilton Community House Theater

·      Hyde Park Opera House

·      M & M Players

·      Lamoille County Players

·      Oriana Singers

·      Moonlight Productions

·      MaMu Productions

.      Titanic Theater Company

·      Castle Hill Players

·      Lynn Redgrave Theater (NY)

·      Theater for the New City (NY)

·      Royal National Theatre (London)

·      Franklin Players (Switzerland)


PUNCTUATE4 INC is registered with the MA Secretary of State as a nonprofit corporation.  Punctuate4 has applied for tax exempt 501(3) status which will be effective as of the date of organization (May 14, 2018).  Accordingly, any sponsorships or donations made should b retroactive to the date of incorporation. However, you should always check with your accountant or tax professional as to the status of any donation mad on our behalf.