Wilber’s War by Hale Bradt

Wilber’s War, a deeply personal story of one family and the impact of the war on a soldier fighting in the Pacific theater during World War II and his family on the home front, was presented by Punctuate4 on Friday, March 29, at Peirce Farm, 116 Boston St., Topsfield, Mass. This staged book talk is an epic tale of duty, heroism, love, infidelity and the tragedy. 

Author Hale Bradt of Salem, Mass. has written a story that will resonate with any family that has sent a son, daughter, spouse or parent off to war.  A professor of physics at MIT, Hale Brandt is also a Navy veteran that served during the Korean War. He has worked closely with director Myriam Cyr to craft an insightful performance that goes beyond the World War II time period to touch on the complexities of war that our society faces even today. It is ultimately a human tragedy.

The event was a joint fundraiser with the Friends of Topsfield Town Hall group, created to initiate enhancements to the recent renovation of the historic Topsfield Town Hall. It is funded in part by a grant from the Topsfield Cultural Council. Tickets are $10 in advance.

Meet the Cast: